What We Do

Facilitation & Collaboration

We are well-known for masterful group facilitation and  result-oriented meetings and convenings. We:

  • Bring together people who have different stakes in the same issue.
  • Design a clear process for working together toward shared goals.
  • Don’t hammer out lowest common denominator compromises. Instead, we identify areas of strong agreement -- and how to act on them.
  • Build cohorts for ongoing learning and capacity building


Planning & Implementation

We place a high value on achieving measurable outcomes. We can help you to plan and achieve excellent results by:

  • Visualizing how your program works to create social change.
  • Strategizing, using analysis-based, visionary, and/or incremental planning models.
  • Analyzing how your organization’s programs affect your mission and your money.
  • Preparing for partnerships and strategic alliances.

Leadership & Coaching     

We understand that change requires leaders who model clarity and confidence. We offer:

  • Coaching for Co-Executive Directors, to make shared leadership a strategic advantage and a good management practice.
  • Advising for board leaders about how to increase capacity for generative governance.
  • Trainings for grassroots boards who are ready to take on new challenges.


M Smith Consulting LLC is  certified as a Minority Owned/ Woman Owned/ LGBT Owned Business