To conspire is to work together (con) to breathe life (spire) into a project.

M Smith Consulting is a team of co-conspirators, working together to bring your event, project or training to life.

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Tavia Benjamin

Tavia is a gifted trainer and facilitator, with a talent for communications, marketing, and event coordination. She brings a social justice and equity lens to her projects, whether that work is community organizing, managing projects for grassroots initiatives and non-profits, or national-level policy analysis as an Emerson Hunger Fellow. She lives in Washington D.C.

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Sueño Viveros

Sueño is the Virtual Assistant for M Smith Consulting, bringing her experience as an operations manager and community organizer, and her passion as a racial justice activist. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, she is Co-Founder of OKRA Ethics, Co-Founder of Black Femme Excellence Co., and currently serves as the Chair of the Allegheny County Health Department’s Infant Mortality Committee. A black and native import from Cali, Colombia, her life’s work revolves around examining the connection to identity, to community, and to place through the lens of orphans (a colonized identity) and nomads (an ancestral identity).

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